Studio ARC 503/603

Elective Architecture Media ARC 511

Sophomore Studio ARC 202

Urban Design Technical Methods ARC 551 

Professor Brian Carter

Professor Joyce Hwang

Gregory Delany, Erkin Ozay, Jon Spielman, Adam Thibodeaux, Rutuja Shinde

Erkin Ozay, Rutuja Shinde

14 Students

18 Students

60 Students

12 Students

The new home for the University at Buffalo Poetry collection is proposed on the South campus of the University at Buffalo.

The requirement put forward by the client comprises of 20000 sq. ft. of space for the storage of the collection & 20000 sq. ft. with other required activities necessary to attract & promote the rare poetry collection to the society. 


The design introduces a space in dialogue with a field.  The green space, which formally interlocks as a foreground in-between Clark Hall- students sports center & Hayes building is not been hampered visually. The two distinct fronts of the Poetry collection building responding to the respective side facades.

East-side responding to the relation with the Clark Hall & West to the Field. 

The enclosed building is another series of spaces giving the experience of transition of public areas to the reading & private rare collection storage in the building slowly-unfolding spatial sequence of spaces, which is revealed space by space, like a poem, is revealed through a transition line by line.  Poems create space in multiple ways.


The Structure is named FIELD as it responds to the foreground & more important it is going to be a field for Poets to play around the Poem.

In the prime location of Downtown Buffalo, an Art Gallery has been proposed on brownfield land. The site is next to the Metro station and is in the mid of historic buildings fabric in that area. The project is named as THRESHOLD as the design represent fabric vs the object breeding the ideology represented sometimes differently by the means of visual aesthetics or functional aspects and new to uplift the community and scenery of the site and its relation to the surroundings.

The Fabric building (offices and administration) respect the existing site by bringing something familiar to not only the orthogonal shape of the existing building but through the use of materiality.  The concept is to funnel people into different spaces.


The Art Gallery with triangular angle panels of the facade and use of materiality of the object building give off different perspectives as you circulate around the exterior of the building. This allows for an ever-changing environment.  The use of slits on the façade facing the historic ornamented Ellicott building is framed on the north. The top 3 floors of the Gallery giving a floating effect allowing pedestrians below to enjoy the glimpses of artwork while walking or waiting for the train.

The project is more like an unrealistic story dealing with the issues of refugees residing in our neighborhood and tackling it with the Urban critical thinking approach. As an individual, it is not possible to find solutions to every situation but to understand the stakes of the surroundings and having a critical eye towards their effects on different people, spices, nature, economy, and other such arrays, analyze the situation and try to make an argument as researcher/academics. We are swimming in all this readily available information, but it is important to take our own stance, express our own assumptions. In this project, I felt the necessity to consider that we are under technologically equipped time and are bound with strict laws and regulations. But it is not affecting the common man as much as it is affecting refugees. They are not criminals, they are just trying to live a free life and have an identity. Is it really possible to resolve their lives with all the legal process? Maybe not! So why not design one such station which is Illegally legal. The Museum of Counter Ethnography!

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