Spring 2021


ARC 202





Sophomore Studio


1. House Portrait

2. Infill house

3. Library

This was a required course every semester for architecture students. The studio is usually organized for groups of 12-18 students and focuses on design studies, research, and the development of ideas regarding contemporary issues and buildings. Studios meet three times each week from 1-5 and involve both collaborative work and individual study.
This semester ARC 503/603 graduate design studio has focused on the design of three academic buildings on UB North and South Campuses.

The topic was devised to introduce students to the University at Buffalo, people working there, and different activities on campus. Students enrolled in the studio we're working around the globe as a result of the pandemic and consequently, the program sought to introduce them to UB’s campuses and a diverse cross-section of faculty, administrators, places, and programs.

The first project was CAMPUS MUSIC -a three-week study conducted with faculty from UB Music Department who asked architecture students to design a temporary outdoor venue for music concerts on campus. It began on the first day of the semester with a piano recital by Prof. Eric Huebner outside Slee Hall.

CAMPUS RESEARCH – the second project - sought to introduce students to UB faculty and researchers. In collaboration with three researchers actively working in Asian Studies, each student was invited to design a Research Hub that could serve as a base for one of the three faculty. These researchers are investigating Chinese cities, Buddhist texts in Korea, and writing on walls in India and Persia. The sites were located on UB South Campus.

GLOBAL CAMPUS-  This project required students to study the needs and develop design proposals for a Global Institute at UB - a new institution to be located on one of three sites on UB South Campus that are currently occupied by temporary buildings. Students have worked on the project for eight weeks. Meetings with faculty and staff working in UB Internal Education Programs and researchers engaged in transnational studies were arranged to introduce students to different activities and people. Working in teams and as a group, the students in the studio prepared a study of users' needs. This suggested a new UB Global Institute of approximately 33,300 sq.ft. housing UB International Education Programs and six research hubs together with shared auditoria, gallery, and library.

Student Work: